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Litter Box Guru

What We Do

Are you frustrated that your cat is missing the litter box? Has the carpet, sofa, sliding door or bathtub become the target of urine or stool "deposits?" Is your cat spraying or marking the walls, clothing, or bedding in the household? The Litterbox Guru and LitterBox Behavior Solutions are here to help!

Many cats lose their homes, and frequently their lives as well, due to litter box problems. Their house soiling usually is due to medical problems such as cystitis or kidney disease, litter box choices and types of litter,   litter box hygiene problems and stressful interactions and situations. Your cat is not having problems because it is a bad cat, or mad at you, or because it is trying to make your life miserable. We help you intervene to address the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.


   Tammy P. Sadek,   DVM

The Litter Box Guru

Dr Sadek has over 25 years of experience with treating cats with litter box problems.

Dr Sadek is Board Certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Feline Practice. She is also the founder of the Kentwood Cat Clinic and Cat Clinic North and was the first board-certified feline practitioner in the state of Michigan. She graduated first in her class in Veterinary School at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Sadek shares her expertise to help you and your cats and gives you practical  information and effective techniques to help you solve your cat litter box problems. Your cat is a member of the family- don't give up on it! Read on to find out the many things that can help you and your cat!

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